AS209294 – FansNET


AS209294 is a Education & Reasearch purposed network.

This network is IPv6 only and running based on SDN software and Tunnels.All our global midway device transport IPv6 stream through Point-to-Point IPv4 network. The reason is that the global IPv6 network still under “construction” status which means the IPv6 connection stability and speed optimization still far from the existing IPv4 network.(This conclusion only based on local China -> Global network connection nowadays)

We use several education and reasearch purposed transit tunnel and VM networks to maintain the network running.

If you have education and research purposed need, you can try to contact NOC to get access to our network, we may offer you different type of connection to our access point in ASIA/NA/EU region based on your request and need.

We also provide some rescue option for those people who’s ISP’s IPv6 network down or can’t function normally. In order to request the rescue from us, you may also contact our NOC to describe your situation.

On Developing Functions

AS 209294 major function list followed:

  • IPv6 single stack network with shared/independent VLAN*
  • IPv6 prefix static delegation on request**
  • IPv6 DNS6/DNS64 with NAT64 support***
  • IPv6 BGP network peering through IX or tunnel ****

* User can request using different vlan with other users by excellent reason

** If user wanna manually assign IPv6 address to subnet devices, may request delegationed prefix from /64 to /52 with justification.

*** Only avaliable with proper identification and reason to request, limited to few locations

**** We peering with IX route server and accept all IX members, if use tunnel need contact NOC.

NOC – Network Operation Center

  • Operator : Fan
  • NOC Contact: CaptainSalted[at]gmail[dot]com*
  • Abuse Contact: admin[at]imfan[dot]net*
  • Administration Office Location : Wuhan City, Hubei, China

*We may reply very slow due to we are not full-time-job on this network and COVID-19.