AS209294 – FansNET

A HAM Education & Research network.


Introduction / 介绍

AS209294(FansNET) is a HAM Education & Research network.


Our network is now IPv4 & IPv6 dualstack. All our global midway devices transport dualstack network packet through Point-to-Point IPv6 network. Thanks to the IPv6 carriers’ update of their network, we can now get stable connection across the world.


If you have Education and Research project or Amateur Radio related project require some kind of network support, you may contact our NOC to require access to connect our network. We may offer you different type of connection to our access point in ASIA/NA/EU region by considering the connection carrier on both sides.


We mainly support HAM and IPv6 network operator and/or those who’s ISP’s IPv6 network down or can’t work normally. In order to get these kind of support, you may sent an email to contact our NOC to define your current status.*


*Relax, our NOC guy is gentle and friendly./您可以放松联系,我们的NOC很乐意为您提供帮助。

Some Details / 一些技术细节

IPv4 Upstreams / IPv4上游

IPv6 Upstreams / IPv6上游

IXs* / 交换中心

  • ZXIX – Hangzhou, China, APAC / 中国杭州 亚太地区

* By following open-peering policy and IX rules, we accept all from IX member without filter now.

* 为遵守开放互联政策和交换中心规则,我们不过滤所有来自IX成员的路由。

More Info to dig / 您可以访问以下链接获取更多信息

On Developing Functions / 待实现功能

AS 209294 major extra functions for users list followed:


  • IPv6 prefix static delegation on request / 可申请IPv6静态前缀委派 *
  • DNS6/DNS64 with NAT64 support / 基于DNS6/DNS64的NAT64支持**
  • BGP network peering through IX or tunnel / 基于IX或隧道的BGP互联 **

* If user wanna manually assign IPv6 address to subnet devices, may request delegationed prefix from /64 to /52 with justification.

* 如果用户需要手动为子网设备分配IPv6地址,可以说明实际情况以申请委派/64至/52长度的子网。

** Only avaliable with proper identification and reason to request, limited to few locations

** 仅供已验证身份并有正当理由的用户使用,且仅有部分地区支持此功能。

*** We peering with IX route server and accept all IX members, if use tunnel need contact NOC.

*** 我们已和IX路由服务器进行互联并接受所有IX成员路由,如果使用隧道互联需联系NOC。

NOC – Network Operation Center

  • Operator/管理员 : Fan
  • Callsign/呼号: BG6VNE
  • DMRID/DMR数字ID:4607724
  • NOC Contact/NOC 邮箱: CaptainSalted[at]gmail[dot]com*
  • Abuse Contact/滥用举报邮箱: admin[at]imfan[dot]net*
  • Administration Office Location/办公地点 : Wuhan City, Hubei, China
  • Major Local Network Location/本地网络地点 : Wuhan City, Hubei, China

*We may reply very slow due to we are not full-time-job on this network and COVID-19.